Buzy Working

Next week Wednesday will be the debut of Nana-Bo-Bana! We will be at the Bluff Creek Block Sale! Please stop in and check out our products. I have been busy making more Beverage Cozy's and Whirly-gig card sets. I will also have some surprises for you little ones, should they need a distraction:)
I will be posting new pictures today of new products.

Birthday Candles Card

These cards are absolutely adorable! They are available in small or medium size. They would be a cute b-day invitation, and of course, be a great gift card. I will be selling them individually, for .50 for small and .75 for medium. I will, of course, make sets.

Forget-me-not Notepad

These are handy for any room in your house, and of course you will need one for your car, trailer, purse, and motorcycle! I have sooo much fun making these and each one is unique and again, I have several colors to choose from. I am selling them for $2.50 each.

Whirly-gig Gift Cards

These can be used for all occasions and all ages. They are handmade, come in a set of 6 cards with envelopes, in a gift box, that can be reused. I have an assortment of colors, and of course can accomodate, if you have a special color in mind. Coming soon are pastels, which would be great for baby gifts. Set of 6, sell for $3.00

Beverage Cozy

These are sooo clever, they serve a dual purpose, they identify your beverage at a gathering and they also serve as a coaster! I have several prints/colors and I will be adding them to the blog. The Beverage Cozy's come in a set of 4 for $8.00. I will make sets of 6 or 8, on request, and they will be priced accordingly.


I am still in the process of creating my site, as you can well see. My name gives away my age, as it comes from the song, "The Name Game". I frequently sing it with my grandchildren, and at one point, they started calling me 'Nana Bo Bana'
I have enjoyed scrap booking, for years, making my own memories, come to life. My children, have encouraged me to expand my imagination and sell the unique items, I have given them as gifts.
I am in the process of creating items to post and sell on my blog, and also to sell at craft shows and local events. I appreciate you looking and your imput is also appreciated.
I pray you all have a wonderful day!